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Matt for Non-Penetrating 2inch Roof Bracket.

Item Code : Roof Matt 1

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JW Hardy
  Roof Brackets

JW Hardy - Matt for Non-Penetrating 2inch Roof Bracket.

Item Code: Roof Matt 1

Brand: JW Hardy

Manufacturer: JW Hardy

Roof Matt 1


EPDM Rubber has an excellent operating temperature range of -45 ° C to + 120 ° C.

EPDM Rubber is highly recommended for out-door uses as it is extremely resistant to oxidation, UV rays and Ozone.

Precaution; EPDM Rubber does not have good oil resistance or adhesion properties.

EPDM Rubber is resistant to many chemicals and solvents and shows good resistance to many corrosive chemicals.

EPDM rubber sheeting is known as a universal rubber sheet and is used for various applications in the construction, car and shipping industry.

EPDM rubber sheeting is also used for roofing sheets and weather strips.

EPDM rubber sheets can also be used for various other applications by cutting it into strips, gaskets or rings.

Hear at JW Hardy we utilize this EPDM Rubber Sheet as a Matt to be place beneath our Non-Penetrating Roof Mount our Part Number `Roof Mount 1` to act as a protection against damage to the roof surface by the foot print of the Non-penetrating Roof Mount, this added protection makes for a easy sell to concerned property developers and owners about protecting their roof from damage from your TV/satellite aerial Installation.


Thickness 6mm
Length 1.14 mm
Width 1.14 mm
Quality EPDM
Working temperature -30°C / +100°C
Hardness 65° Shore A
Density 1.4 g/m³
Tearing strength 5
Colour Black


Petrol Non suitable
Oil Non suitable
Ozone Very good
Acids Very good
Heat Medium
Salt Medium
Abrasion resistance Good
Tear strength Low
Shock resistance Good
Resilience Good